ReWild 101 - Arthur Haines and Daniel Vitalis #125

Arthur Haines — botanist, taxonomist, primitive skills practitioner and a regular guest on ReWild Yourself podcast — is back on the show, and we have some VERY exciting news to share with you. For the past year, Arthur has been pouring his heart into writing a book that is a foundational education in human ecology and the ReWilding lifestyle. From the diet of Homo sapiens to a look at civilizations past to expanding comfort zones through hormesis, Arthur takes us through the book chapter by chapter, hitting the highlights of each topic as we go. At the heart of the book, and Arthur’s message, is something many of us feel — the missing lynchpin: a need for sustainable and rejuvenate ReWilding community.

In the past few shows, I’ve been hinting at an online program Arthur and I have put together for the upcoming winter season. This program will be a great way to stay connected with Arthur and I — and the ReWilding community — throughout the winter months. We’ll dive into study together and support one another in keeping ReWilding motivation high. In this episode, we share all the details on how you can get involved. I hope you’ll join us this winter!

Episode Breakdown:

  • Daniel answers your questions on:
    • Public speaking
    • When to teach your child about hunting
    • Building community
  • Daniel shares about ReWild 101: A New Path Book Club
    • Program details
    • Early bird pricing on the program
    • An exciting scholarship opportunity
  • Daniel and Arthur catch up
  • Arthur shares about his new book, A New Path
  • A need for sustainable and rejuvenate ReWilding community
  • A course book for the ReWilding lifestyle
  • Distilling the diet of Homo sapiens
  • Wild water and wild medicine
  • A look at past civilizations and what we can learn from them
  • Learning and unlearning
  • Real, wild movement for real living
  • Input from the ReWilding community
  • Hormesis: expanding comfort zones
  • The missing lynchpin: Community
  • Green choices and primitive technologies
  • Tying it all together
  • The legacy of Arthur’s book
  • What happened with Arthur’s publishing deal
  • ReWild 101: A New Path Book Club
  • Excerpt from A New Path

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