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Join Arthur Haines, Daniel Vitalis and the rest of the ReWilding community as we develop a robust baseline education in human ecology and the human rewilding process, through the reading, study, and discussion of the new — and currently unreleased — title by Arthur Haines : A New Path.





ReWild 101 is a 9 week online book club and education course exploring the newly written book — A New Path — by Arthur Haines. It is designed to give you a foundational education in human ecology and rewilding. You’ll learn the hows of human domestication, what human wildness is all about, what impacts domestication has had on our personal, communal, and environmental health, and what we can do to start unleashing the regenerative power of our innate inner wildness.







At the beginning of each week, you’ll receive 1-2 chapters of A New Path, followed by an audio discussion with Arthur Haines and Daniel Vitalis, exploring the content of that week’s chapters. You’ll also get access to a private Facebook group community where you can participate in discussions with Daniel, Arthur and the rest of the community about all things related to the book and rewilding. At the end of the 9 weeks you will receive the entire book by PDF, as well as lifetime access to all of the audio recordings.






ReWild 101 begins on the first Full Moon of 2017 — Thursday, January 12th — and runs until March 16, for a total of 9 weeks.









ReWild 101 is for anyone wanting to lead a more sovereign life and take a deeper dive into the foundational science of human ReWilding. Whether you’re living in a downtown urban landscape or a yurt in the woods, there are strategies and philosophies in this program for you. ReWild 101 is all-inclusive, for both beginners and experienced ReWilders. It's not a call for a journey backward in time, but rather a treatise on A New Path forward.



Meet Arthur Haines

Arthur Haines is a botanist, taxonomist and primitive skill practitioner who lives off grid in the western mountains of Maine. He is the author of several books for both academia and the laity, and is a regular guest on ReWild Yourself podcast. Read his full bio here.







Meet Daniel Vitalis

Daniel Vitalis, host of the ReWild Yourself Podcast and founder of, is a writer, public speaker, entrepreneur, and lifestyle pioneer in the sphere of human health, personal development, and strategic living. He’s especially interested in the meeting place of ancestral health and lifestyle design. Read his full bio here.



Daniel and Arthur explain ReWild 101 on the ReWild Yourself Podcast below:




The entire 9 week course, includes:

  • A PDF copy of the unreleased book, A New Path by Arthur Haines
  • 8 audio interviews with Daniel and Arthur, available to stream or download
  • Q&A engagement with Daniel and Arthur
  • Access to a private Facebook group community
  • Discounts to various nature immersion schools


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ReWild 101: A New Path Book Club
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