Why I Hunt - Daniel Vitalis #117

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Over the past year, I have fully immersed myself in the hunting side of the modern hunter gatherer lifestyle. From trout and deep sea fishing to hunting wild turkey, black bear and coyote, my experiences harvesting wild animals to put meat on my table have been profound and life-changing, and I’d like to share my story with you. As a conscientious omnivore, I’m always striving to develop a closer relationship with the food I consume. Through hunting and gathering bio-regionally, I’m able to participate with my local ecology and develop an intimate relationship with the place I call home. In this solo episode, I detail the reasons why I hunt and share a bit about how I got started and how you can too.

Deep gratitude to my mentors, to the wild creatures who have become part of my body and to you for your support of my journey to deepen my connection to my local ecology and ancestral heritage.

Episode Breakdown:

  • Acorn harvesting & processed food
  • A dedication to my hunting mentors
  • Defining why I hunt
  • Veganism isn’t sustainable
  • The cruelty of raising domestic livestock vs free-roaming wildlife
  • Bioregionality — food as connection to place
  • Yoking together the hunting and foraging worlds
  • Popular criticisms of hunting
  • Bringing reverence into hunting — the practical vs the spiritual
  • Gender, hunting & classical male pursuits as “re-creation” of the hunt
  • What I’ve hunted this year
  • My diet evolution
  • Participating in ecology and connection to place
  • Mortality salience — hunting puts you in touch with your own mortality
  • Access to nutrient dense foods
  • Alternative high quality animal products
  • Purpose-driven trips into nature vs recreation
  • Cultivating a relationship with wild animals
  • Getting started in hunting
  • Primitive vs modern hunting tools
  • Food sovereignty and becoming hunter gatherers
  • The need for community

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