Real Food, Fake Food - Larry Olmsted #115

Are you eating what you think you are? As a modern hunter gatherer, I am quite conscious and meticulous about the foods I consume. I base my diet on a Four Kingdoms approach (eating from the animal, plant, fungal and bacterial kingdoms), and I strive to source the majority of my food bio-regionally. I still shop at Whole Foods and occasionally dine at farm to table-style restaurants, of course, and I was shocked to learn of the rampant food fraud that extends to seemingly reputable grocers and eateries.

Award-winning food journalist and travel writer Larry Olmsted wrote a comprehensive exposé on fraud in the unregulated food industry, and he is here to reveal some of the industry’s most adulterated foods. He teaches us how we can be more vigilant consumers as we navigate grocery store aisles, food labels and restaurant menus.

Episode Breakdown:

  • Daniel answers your questions on:
    • Cooking with fats
    • Choosing between a Samina bed and Clearlight Sauna
    • His thoughts on Asian/Oriental religions
  • How Larry got into the world of Real Food
  • The lowdown on Kobe beef
  • Are your grocery store tomatoes actually ripe?
  • Misleading wine labels
  • Farmed vs wild caught seafood
  • The history of seafood fraud
  • What’s in your sushi?
  • Our society's most adulterated foods
  • The most popular food fraud item
  • General buying guidelines to ensure you’re purchasing real food
  • Larry’s prognosis for the future of food

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Meet Larry

Larry Olmsted writes the “Great American Bites” column for USA Today and his food and travel column appears on Olmsted was named one of the 10 Most Extreme U.S. Journalists by the Society of Professional Journalists, and his column was named one of the World’s Top 100 Travel Sites. His exposé on counterfeit Kobe beef for was widely covered by newspapers, websites, and radio shows around the world. Olmsted is the author of two books on golf and, most recently, Getting into Guinness (personally setting or breaking three world records during the writing process). He and his wife live in Vermont.