The bed cost how much?! - Claus Pummer #84

As I mentioned in Wednesday's show with Shawn Stevenson, this week we're bringing you a bonus episode of ReWild Yourself podcast! This interview, while a bit product-focused, is also rich in vital content; if you enjoyed Shawn’s interview, this is a great supplement.

I've been hinting about my new bed for a while, and after 6 months of sleeping on it, I'm finally ready to detail my experience. Today I'm talking to Claus Pummer of Samina Sleep Systems. Claus is an expert on all things sleep, particularly setting up an ideal sleep environment. He’s here to share how we can optimize our sleep sanctuaries, give insights into sleep psychology and to take us on a tour of what I think is the healthiest bed on earth! 

Two warnings about the show:

1: While this show is content-rich, if you're someone who is triggered by promotion, you might want to skip the second half of this interview where Claus details the Samina bed :) We support the ReWild Yourself podcast through sponsors and affiliates like SurThrival and Samina. 

2: Claus has a heavy German accent and is extremely passionate about sleep (which means he can get talking fast). Please bear with us! We do our best to repeat things and slow down the pace of conversation, as necessary (:

Enjoy, and may all your sleep be sound and sweet!

Episode Breakdown:

  • Sleep landscape
  • Setting up your ideal sleep environment
  • What’s the problem with carpet?
  • Insights on sleep psychology
  • What are the best bedding materials?
  • An in-depth overview of the Samina Bed System
  • Importance of grounding while sleeping
  • Longevity and maintenance of the Samina mattress
  • What is the investment for a Samina Bed System?
  • Claus's prognosis for the future of the human species

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Meet Claus

Claus Pummer is the President of Natural by Design, his own home furnishings company, and the Managing Director/General Importer of SAMINA North America. Pummer was raised in a traditional European household by artisan parents with strong values for all things organic and natural. A furniture maker by trade, Claus pursued training at the Austrian Institute for Sleep Psychology where he became a certified sleep advisor under the mentorship of Dr. Günther Amann-Jennson, a world renowned expert in sleep psychology. Pummer is a member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants and SAMINA North America is a Green America® Certified Business. He passionately believes in sleep as a foundation to health. Today, Pummer speaks on topics related to sleep, health and the bedroom environment including design. His inspiration comes from helping people sleep better and, in doing so, improving their entire lives.