Spotting Predators, Not Being Prey - Craig Douglas aka "SouthNarc" #69

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What is your personal self-protection strategy?

In this show, we’re joined by Craig Douglas aka “SouthNarc”, an incredible teacher in the world of self protection with a background as an undercover narcotics agent and former commander of his agency’s SWAT team. Craig is here to talk to us about protecting ourselves against predatory violence using some of the most important tactics to have in your personal self-protection arsenal: situational awareness and verbal skills to de-escalate situations. He shares some fascinating insights on how to identify a “bad guy,” as well as his thoughts on weapon-carrying. I hope this podcast inspires you to develop a more robust self-protection strategy!

Always practice situational awareness!

Episode Breakdown:

  • A bit about Craig’s work
  • Technologically-connected, but physically-disconnected
  • Craig’s time as an undercover police officer
  • What is a “bad guy”?
  • Museum martial art
  • Situational awareness
  • What to do when someone is too close
  • Unequal initiative event
  • Craig’s thoughts on weapon-carrying
  • How to work with Craig
  • Do you have the ability to keep someone from imposing their will on you? 

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Meet Craig

Craig Douglas aka "SouthNarc" is a retired 21 year police officer and former commander of his agency’s SWAT team. Craig was a full-time police officer from 1990-2011 and held line assignments in corrections, patrol, narcotics, investigations, and has been a narcotics group supervisor. He was also the primary defensive tactics instructor at the Southern Regional Public Safety Institute from 1992-1999 and has personally trained over five thousand police officers at the academy level. Craig has extensive operational experience in an undercover capacity which is reflected heavily in the Extreme Close Quarter Concepts coursework. Craig has a thirty year background in Phillipine, Indonesian, Brazillian and Japanese martial arts and is a veteran of the U.S. Army. He has been conducting training in the private sector in the U.S. and abroad for the past 10 years.