For Adults Only - Daniel Vitalis #66

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Join me for a solo show traversing eight taboos that often stand in the way of many people's development into real human adulthood. Our civilization has created more "adult children" than true, wise elders. In order to be fully developed adult humans, we need to be able to effectively communicate on all eight of these topics.

If you're listening to this podcast, you are someone who is putting in the work to become a fully developed human, and so I encourage you to use this episode as a self-audit. Do any of these topics trigger you? As I expound upon each of the eight taboos, note where you are triggered and why you feel this way. There is always room to grow, learn and mature, no matter where we are on our journey. I hope this inspires you to do so!

Develop the feral mindset; ReWild Your Mind!

Episode Breakdown:

  • Did you make it through the summer with no tan lines?
  • Taboo #1: Diet + Defecation
  • Taboo #2: Violence
  • Taboo #3: Nakedness
  • Taboo #4: Sex
  • Taboo #5: Money
  • Taboo #6 Drugs
  • Taboo #7: Death
  • Taboo #8: God 

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