Turning Tragedy into Gold - Evan Strong #33

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It was a such pleasure to talk with Evan Strong — a professional skateboarder and Paralympic Gold Medalist with an amazing survival story. Evan shares some profound insights on "getting into the zone" and achieving peak performance states when competing in extreme sports.

Episode Breakdown:

  • Evan tells us a bit about his history and current endeavors
  • The life of an Olympian
  • Altered states in extreme sports
  • The true nature of competition
  • Prepping for competition
  • What does it look and feel like to be “in the zone”
  • Evan shares his survival story
  • How Evan coped with losing his leg
  • Living your truth

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Meet Evan

Evan Strong, at the age of 17 was involved in an auto/motorcycle accident. The result of this accident was the amputation of his left leg. He spent over a month in the hospital hooked up to IVs and drugs, while going through multiple surgeries.  At the time of the accident Evan was a professional skate boarder and a lover of athletics. His focus in the hospital and the year of bed rest after became how he could return to optimal health and eventually, the action sports he loved. 

In Evan's recovery, over the past 10 years, he discovered the Technology of living foods, spring water, juicing,  super food smoothies and tonic herbs. In these disciplines he was not just able to heal from his accident but was able to thrive from what could have been something devastating. In 2009, in order to share his passion of health with others, Evan and his family opened a living organic foods restaurant in California.

Since his accident, Evan has resumed skateboarding, participating in the summer Xgames. As well as gone on to become the top ranked snowboard cross racer in the world. This spring Evan brought home the gold medal in Snowboard Cross from the Sochi, Russia 2014 Paralympics games.