Ancestral Survival Skills - Arthur Haines #29

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Arthur Haines is back on the podcast to discuss ancestral survival skills. We talk about the history of these natural human skills, as well as how the modern feral human can master these skills today.

Episode Breakdown:

  • What does it look like to surthrive using primitive skills
  • How to learn primitive skills
  • Eating 100% wild foods — is it possible?
  • The bow
  • Shelter
  • How many people does it take to sustainably surthrive in nature
  • Arthur’s personal water strategy
  • Indigenous peoples’ water strategies
  • History of human fire use
  • How to create friction fire
  • How important is fire to surviving in a natural landscape?
  • Learning recipes vs learning concepts

We have a culture that wants recipes and not concepts. Tweet it!

There is a difference between sampling wild living and living wild living. Tweet it!

Ancestral lifeways are the only proven sustainable way that humans can live on this planet. Tweet it!

The worst botanist in an indigenous society is as good as our best botanist now. Tweet it!

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Meet Arthur

Greetings! My name is Arthur Haines and I’ve been helping people explore human ecology for over 20 years. I’ve done this with the mission of developing deep awareness of and connection to nature, promoting individual health, and fostering self-reliance. Wild food is a passion of mine, and through this, I offer a glimpse of our past and a new picture of our future. Through this knowledge, and many other facets of our shared ancestral lifeways, we can awaken a rewilding of our body, mind, and heart.

I endeavor to share knowledge garnered from this perspective, one that merges the material knowledge of present-day people with the ecological knowledge of ancestral people.

You can find Arthur on Facebook and on his website