Primal Self Defense - Tony Blauer #28

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Tony Blauer — a pioneer in Combatives and self defense training — discusses primal self defense and offers some excellent reasons on why you should learn how to defend yourself from predatory violence.

Episode Breakdown:

  • How Tony became interested in self defense
  • Consentual dualing vs predatory violence
  • Why “the pacificist” needs to learn this
  • How long it takes to learn to defend yourself
  • Indignation energy
  • Startle-flinch response
  • Compliant vs non-compliant opponent

The reactive brain bypasses the cognitive in times of high stress. Tweet it!

The ability to protect yourself or a loved one is the single most important skill anyone can possess. Tweet it!

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Meet Tony

Coach Tony Blauer is one of the only Combatives experts who has successfully affected training across all the combat related communities: self-defense, combat sports and the military & law enforcement sector. His research on physiology, mind-set as it relates to confrontation management has influenced over two decades of reality-based martial artists.

Tony Blauer is founder and CEO of BLAUER TACTICAL CONFRONTATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS©. Tony has pioneered research and training methodologies that have influenced and inspired martial art & combative systems around the world. 

Read Tony's full bio here.