Doomsday Prepping vs Nature Literacy - Michael Douglas #30

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Michael Douglas — founder of Maine Primitive Skills School — joins us to discuss doomsday prepping versus nature literacy. He gives us some great tips to tune into our wild nature and reconnect to the landscape.

Episode Breakdown:

  • Mike’s experience on Doomsday Preppers
  • What is survival?
  • Stages of growth in survival
  • Our modern attention disorder
  • Tending the landscape
  • How does the modern person reconnect to the landscape?
  • Boredom is a sign of a weak mind
  • Simple trick for instantly tuning in to your innate wildness

In the domesticated mind, we are more ego-centric than gaia-centric. Tweet it!

This living landscape is sentient. Tweet it!

Boredom is a sign of a weak mind. Tweet it!

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Meet Michael

Michael Douglas' passion for nature, awareness, tracking, primitive skills, and philosophy, has taken him around the globe in search of teachers and opportunities to learn new skills. He is a former student of Paul Rezendes, Tom Brown Jr., Jon Young, and many others. After pursuing survival skills as a U.S Marine, he started his own Survival School in 1989 at the University of Maine. Since then he has been an advisor for Discovery Channels’ “Dual Survivor” and was featured on National Geographics’ “Doomsday Preppers”, where he received the highest “Survivability Score” of the shows first season.  His apprenticeship program is internationally known, offering participants from all over the world immersion in Tracking, Survival, Awareness, Bow Making, Wild Edibles, Medicinal Plants, Hunting, Trapping, and much more.