Wild Movement, Urban Landscapes - Julie Angel #114

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Julie Angel is a filmmaker, author and photographer who documents the current ‘age of athletisiscm’ with a focus on Parkour, MovNat, buildering and much more. What’s buildering, you might be asking? I thought it was a typo at first, too, but Julie explains this small, but passionate, subculture as we get into the fascinating world of urban movement mavericks. 

In this interview, Julie takes us back to the early beginnings of Parkour. In researching her Parkour-themed PhD thesis, she spent time on the streets getting to know the Yamakasi — the original group of Parkour practitioners — and got an up-close and personal look into the lives of these interesting characters who shaped the modern Parkour movement. To me, Parkour represents human wildness  breaking free in domesticated landscapes — the human animal in movement across urban habitat. City dwellers, take note, this can be a unique way for you to utilize your environment for your natural movement practice! At the heart of Parkour, is a message of looking past the limitations of our environment, our innate, primal drive for sovereignty and embracing our intrinsic wildness.

Episode Breakdown:

  • Daniel shares on:
    • How to prepare organ meats
    • Myers Briggs and personality tests
    • Creating harmonious habitat using the 4 Elements in your indoor office environment
  • How Julie got involved with MovNat
  • What is buildering?
  • Julie spends time on city streets learning Parkour culture
  • “Don’t climb on that!” — movement mavericks breaking movement taboos
  • Getting into the world of Parkour
  • Julie’s book, Breaking the Jump
  • How to get started in Parkour
  • What was parkour originally?
  • Yamikazi and parkour’s beginnings
  • Role of women in parkour
  • The future of parkour
  • Top takeaways for you
  • Julie’s prognosis for the future of the human species
  • Where to find Julie’s book and work 

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Meet Julie

Julie Angel is a filmmaker, author and photographer who documents the current ‘age of athletisiscm’ - focusing on Parkour, MovNat, buildering and much more. An anthropologist at heart, her current projects are See&Do and the release of her first published book Breaking the Jump, the secret story of Parkour’s high-flying rebellion. Find Julie’s work at JulieAngel.com.