Vibram, How FiveFingers Came To Be - Chris Melton #123

As an avid barefooter, I’ve tried countless barefooting shoes over the years, but none compare to Vibram FiveFingers. I’ve been a fan of FiveFingers for some time — they have allowed me to develop a foot dexterity, nimbleness and strength that I didn’t know was possible! It was so exciting to get a chance to talk to Vibram’s Director of Sales and Distribution, Chris Melton.

Chris shares the story of Vibram's early beginnings, how FiveFingers came to be, the evolution of some of their most loved models and what we can look forward to from them in the future. Most importantly, he answers every Vibram fan’s burning question: Is it pronounced Vee-bram or Vy-brum?? Whether you’re a loyal Vibram FiveFingers aficionado or a fan of barefooting in general, this show is for you!

Episode Breakdown:

  • Daniel answers your questions on:
    • His top fabric choices for clothing
    • Squirrel hunting
    • Rationing animal protein from hunts
  • Daniel discusses a question on the topic of suicide
  • Is it Vee-bram or Vy-brum?
  • A bit about Chris’s background
  • Why are Vibram soles everywhere?
  • Vibram’s recent growth
  • The beginnings of Vibram’s Five Fingers
  • Barefooting shoes and stylishness
  • Women and Vibrams
  • The new Furokshiki shoe and boot
  • Should you wear socks with Vibrams?
  • Wearing barefoot shoes in obstacles courses like Tough Mudder
  • Review of favorite Vibram models
  • The evolution of Vibram models
  • The story of the Vibram class action lawsuit
  • The future of Vibram
  • Where to find Vibram online

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Meet Chris

Chris Melton is a footwear industry veteran.  After four years at Converse, he led the INOV-8 brand from 2011-2014 as North American General Manager.  Chris is now Director of Sales and Distribution for the Vibram brand’s finished goods business unit in North and South America.  He’s a former Division 1 baseball player, practices an 85% paleo lifestyle, and is married with two children and resides in Hopkinton, MA (home of the Boston Marathon starting line).