Spring water to your door? - Mukhande Singh #92

As we often discuss on this show, developing and maintaining a connection to the elements — fire, earth, water, air — is a vital component of a beneficial overall health strategy. Direct, personal connection to your water source is a topic I’m particularly passionate about, and I’ve offered strategies and best practices for procuring your own spring water in a previous episode of the podcast (Why I Forage Wild Water - Daniel Vitalis #80). Gathering your own spring water is not always possible for everyone, for various reasons (location, lack of time, etc), so for all of you on the West Coast, I have an exciting service to share.

Fountain Of Truth Spring Water is sourced from the pristine Opal Springs, which emerges from the earth in the high desert of Central Oregon. Today’s guest, Mukhande Singh, bottles this water in glass jugs at the source and delivers, chilled, right to the doors of spring water drinkers along the West Coast. In this interview, he shares his experience with stewarding a spring and how you West Coasters can take advantage of this wonderful service.

Episode Breakdown:

  • Mukhande’s first experiences with spring water
  • How Mukhande came to steward a spring
  • Effects of sterilizing water with UV light
  • Breakdown of Opal Springs
  • How to get water delivered from Opal Springs
  • Mukhande’s prognosis for the future of the human species

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Resources from Intro Segment on the Future of the Human Species:

Meet Mukhande

Mukhande Singh is the founder of Fountain Of Truth, providers of Fresh Raw Spring Water — sourced from Opal Springs in the high desert of Central Oregon and delivered in chilled glass jugs. He encourages people to cherish and respect our earth's waters in their most natural pristine form.

Mukhande also advocates self independence by means of procuring a variety of flora, animals, and plant medicines from our surrounding natural landscapes