Nature Deficit Disorder - Daniel Vitalis #49

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Are you getting enough time outside for your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and sexual well-being? Join me for a stream-of-consciousness rant on strategically setting up a lifestyle that affords you nature-connection! No matter where you live, or what your current lifestyle is like, nature-connection is always possible. In this episode, I break down a few of my top practices to add into your repertoire to foster (or restore) your connection to the natural world.

Episode Breakdown:

  • My recent endeavors in archery and movement programming
  • A look inside Elementary School
  • Can you go without tan lines this summer?
  • Going barefoot — experiencing the environment with your feet
  • Nature deficit disorder
  • Walking as a practice — reprogramming your movement
  • Strategically setting up a lifestyle that affords you nature-connection
  • ReWilding tips for summer
We’re isolated from our world by our clothes, shoes, homes and cities. Tweet it!
A lack of nature in our lives makes us crazy. Tweet it!
Strategically set up a lifestyle that affords you nature-connection. Tweet it!

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