Awakening Women's Wisdom - Jeannine Tidwell #90

Ladies, this is the show you have been asking for! I’m so excited to have Jeannine Tidwell — co-Founder and co-Director with her husband, Tim Corcoran of Twin Eagles Wilderness School — join us to discuss women’s rites of passage. We had Tim Corcoran on the podcast a few weeks back to tell us all about men’s rites of passage, and we received numerous requests to have a follow up show with his wife Jeannine. In this interview, Jeannine shares about mentorship, courage, feminine wisdom and so much more. Enjoy!

Episode Breakdown:

  • Jeannine’s journey and early experience with mentorship
  • Indigenous cultures vs modern cultures
  • Mentorship and cultural design
  • Gift giving
  • Courage happens in spite of fear
  • Concentric rings of awareness
  • Rites of passage for women
  • Differences between rites of passages for men & women
  • The feminine wisdom of feeling good
  • How men can facilitate the empowered woman
  • Rites of passage for women and girls
  • Jeannine’s personal experience with rites of passage
  • A wish for the women in the world
  • Jeannine’s prognosis for the future of the human species

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Meet Jeannine

Jeannine Tidwell  is co-Founder and co-Director with her husband, Tim Corcoran of Twin Eagles Wilderness School offering programs and community events through out the Inland Northwest. She leads Rites of Passage for girls and soon to be leading them for women as well. She is mother to two boys and lives in Sandpoint, Idaho. Her current passions include foraging for wild foods, hot yoga and learning to play the guitar.