Why I Fish Tenkara - Daniel Galhardo #99

If you’ve been following my adventures this summer, you’ll know that I’ve been really into foraging wild protein, particularly fish, from my local landscape. I’ve grown to love the Tenkara fishing — a minimalist fly fishing method that originates in the mountains of Japan. Daniel Galhardo — founder of Tenkara USA, the first company to introduce Tenkara outside of Japan — joins us to share his passion for Tenkara and the world of trout fishing. 

"A rod, line and fly. Line connects to the tip. Easy casting of a fly to spots where the fish are, intuitive landing. That's tenkara in a nutshell," according to Tenkara USA. In this interview, Daniel guides you through the basics of getting started fishing Tenkara. We discuss barriers to entering the world of fishing, fishing ethics, the complex world of Western fly fishing vs the simplicity of Tenkara and so much more. Whether you’re an avid fisherman or completely new to fishing, I hope this interview inspires you to check out this intuitive and minimalist method of fishing! 

Episode Breakdown: 

  • Daniel responds to feedback on last week’s podcast 
  • Exploring waterways and finding low toxicity areas to fish 
  • What is Tenkara? 
  • Daniel Galhardo's background in fishing 
  • Fishing basics 
  • Barriers to entering the world of fishing 
  • Follow the trout 
  • Fishing ethics: Catch & release vs Catching to eat 
  • Barbed and non-barbed flies 
  • How to catch and release a fish unharmed 
  • How Daniel Galhardo got into Tenkara 
  • The simplicity of Japanese methods 
  • Tenkara vs Western fly fishing 
  • How to get started with Tenkara 
  • Talking flies 
  • What knot to learn when you first begin Tenkara 
  • Best practices for finding & catching fish

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Meet Daniel

Daniel Galhardo is founder of Tenkara USA, the first company to introduce tenkara outside of Japan. After learning about and enjoying the minimalist nature of tenkara himself, he set out to create a business designing tenkara rods, tenkara lines and tenkara flies and putting them in the hands of people.

Daniel works on ensuring tenkara touches and inspires people to simplify their fly-fishing experience. He hosts The Tenkara Cast, creates content, develops product, and sometimes goes fishing. Read more here.