The Gateway Bug - Johanna Kelly & Cameron Marshad #132

"Two billion people in 80% of the world’s countries consume insects as part of their daily diet, and entomophagy has been practiced by those cultures for thousands of years.”

In today’s bonus ReWild Yourself Podcast episode, I talk with the creators of the new documentary film The Gateway Bug, Johanna B. Kelly and Cameron Marshad. Johanna and Cameron are passionate about entomophagy and its potential to massively improve the sustainability of our current broken food industry. During the making of The Gateway Bug, they learned the ins and outs of the booming American edible insect industry, and they give us an inside look into the current landscape and what we can expect in the future. I hope this interview leaves you inspired to begin including edible insects in your diet!

Episode Breakdown:

  • How Johanna and Cameron started working on this project
  • The insect food industry & the existing broken food industry
  • Eating whole insects vs eating insect powder
  • Hierarchy of animals
  • Nutritional content of insects
  • Efficiency of raising insects for food
  • Insect foods in grocery stores and restaurants
  • The future of insect food
  • How to get involved with The Gateway Bug
  • Prognosis for the future of the human species

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Meet Johanna & Cameron


Melbourne native, New York based Filmmaker, Production Designer and Art Director for feature film.

Her credits comprise art directing recent Jedi Mind Tricks music video Deathless Light  and 6 feature films as Production Designer including Kickstarter success story Like Lambs  shot on 35mm. Kelly worked as Exhibition Designer for the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia prior to moving to NYC in 2013.  While there she was awarded a full scholarship for her postgraduate work at RMIT University, graduating with a Masters Degree in Design in 2012.


CREATOR & DP Cameron Marshad

A New York-based filmmaker and photographer who has worked on feature films such as Like Lambs, Vimeo’s High Maintenance and documentary projects This Ain’t a Parade and Red Wiggler. Cameron freelances regularly as a camera person, editor and sound mixer with clients such as Huffington Post, VICE Motherboard and Tribeca Digital Studios. He began his film career in 2013 after leaving the world of digital advertising analytics, and is motivated to work on high impact, environmentally and socially-driven projects.