F*ck Shoes - Daniel Vitalis #107

Episode 107 Header.jpg

This solo episode is a comprehensive breakdown of my experiences with barefooting. As a long-time barefooting proponent, I’ve traversed thousands of miles of various terrain with bare feet or minimalist footwear, and I’ve learned quite a bit about the often unknown and under-utilized capabilities of the human foot. I detail my experiences wearing minimalist footwear in challenges like the Tough Mudder and GoRuck, as well as during my recent backcountry hunter course. I break down my favorite minimalist footwear brands, unpack the myth of arch support and share some not often discussed benefits of barefooting that I’ve discovered over the years. Note: This podcast is best enjoyed while walking barefoot on a forest trail.

Episode Breakdown:

  • Daniel elaborates on his Moon Dance experience, how he learns, mentors and detoxification
  • Bear hunting update and thoughts on bio-regional animism
  • Beards
  • No shoes, no shirt, no service
  • Cody Lundin and barefoot extremism
  • Connection to our earth mother
  • Daniel’s personal barefooting journey and barefooting shoe progression
  • Experiences wearing Vibram’s during Tough Mudder & GoRuck challenges
  • Recent experience wearing Vivo boots at Magpul Backcountry Hunter Course
  • "Are those comfortable?” — other people’s impressions of minimalist footwear
  • Homunculus explained
  • Treading lightly
  • Heels and conventional footwear
  • What about arch support?
  • Some of the cons of minimalist shoes
  • Prehensility
  • Breakdown of Daniel’s favorite barefoot shoes + his current shoe collection
  • What’s in Daniel’s first aid kit
  • Feet that are adaptable to the urban and natural worlds
  • Staying in touch with our environment — feet as sensory organs
  • Being a fully developed human

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