Freeing Ourselves from Shame - Christopher Ryan, PhD #16

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It was great fun to talk with Christopher Ryan, author of the New York Times best-seller Sex At Dawn.

Episode Breakdown:

  • The nuclear family and how hunter-gatherers structure socially
  • How women went from being equal partners to being domesticated animals
  • Scarcity consciousness of modern society
  • The difference between sexual jealousy and wealth jealousy
  • How Chris views the nuclear family
  • The Shame Exorcist
  • What Chris would tell kids about sex
  • Persian edition of Sex at Dawn
  • Chris’s new book and his writing process
  • Finding the exhale in your work

This idea that scarcity is the primordial condition of life on earth is central to our modern vision of life. But that is simply wrong. Tweet it!

Shame is being used to corral people into very unnatural ways of living. Tweet it!

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Meet Christopher

Author of the New York Times best-seller, Sex at Dawn, Christopher has spoken about prehistoric sexuality to audiences all over the world, from The Festival of Dangerous Ideas at the Sydney Opera House to TED in Long Beach, CA. Christopher also hosts the popular podcast, Tangentially Speaking. He can be found at and on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.