Building Better Vision - Jake Steiner #96

Jake Steiner — holistic eye guru & natural vision health advocate — learned how to naturally improve his -5D myopia and, in the past decade, has helped thousands of others get their healthy eyes back too. In this episode, Jake is here to give us the lowdown on myopia and how it isn’t actually a disease at all, but instead a contrived illness created by mainstream optometry. The cause of most nearsightedness is (surprise!) staring at screens, small text and the like for extended periods of time. You may be surprised to learn, however — especially those of you with eyesight issues — that myopia can be reversed. This interview is full of insights, tips and strategies on how you can do just that. Tune in to learn Jake’s unique, holistic approach to healing eyesight!

Episode Breakdown:

  • Jake’s story and how he learned to beat his -5D myopia
  • What is myopia?
  • Lens-induced myopia
  • Learned helplessness
  • Habit changes to improve your vision
  • Outdoor vs indoor lighting
  • Challenging your eyes to improve your eyesight
  • Two quick tests to measure your eyesight
  • Turning haters into benefactors
  • Jake’s eyesight course and blog
  • Jake’s prognosis for the future of the human species

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Meet Jake

Jake Steiner — holistic eye guru & natural vision health advocate — transitioned from the world of institutional finance to world traveling vagabond and sought after eye guru. He learned how to beat his -5D myopia and in the past decade has helped thousands of others get their healthy eyes back, too. His unique, holistic approach to healthier eyesight accounts for your whole lifestyle, including all the psychological barriers, lifestyle challenges, excuses and roadblocks. Jake’s clients include Olympic athletes, A-list celebrities, medical doctors, optometrists — and even Tim Ferriss checks in with questions. Connect with Jake at where he offers his tricks, strategies and habits for permanently better eyesight.

Read more about Jake here.