The Ancestral Prenatal Program - Arthur Haines #19

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The NeoAboriginal Lifeway series with Arthur Haines continues!

Episode Breakdown:

  • We have set up an inhospitable habitat for the next generation
  • How Arthur shifted his mindset when preparing for a child
  • Arthur's suggestions for preparing to have a baby
  • We are a deformed version of our actual blueprint
  • Foods to keep out of your diet during pregnancy
  • Prenatal vitamins vs procuring vitamins from nutrient dense foods
  • It’s not just what the mother eats (it's what the father eats too)!
  • Super nutrient dense animal foods
  • What Arthur’s daughter eats
  • Eating sea creatures during pregnancy
  • Arthur's recommendations for a prenatal diet program
  • The foraged plant that Arthur’s partner took religiously to prepare for birth
  • What indigenous humans did with their placenta
  • Combining breast milk with solid foods
  • The importance of breastfeeding
  • Spacing pregnancies for optimal health of the next child and the mother
Mature humans can subsist on diets that developing humans cannot. Tweet it!
It’s not just what the mother eats; it’s what the father eats too! Tweet it!

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Meet Arthur

Greetings! My name is Arthur Haines and I’ve been helping people explore human ecology for over 20 years. I’ve done this with the mission of developing deep awareness of and connection to nature, promoting individual health, and fostering self-reliance. Wild food is a passion of mine, and through this, I offer a glimpse of our past and a new picture of our future. Through this knowledge, and many other facets of our shared ancestral lifeways, we can awaken a rewilding of our body, mind, and heart.

I endeavor to share knowledge garnered from this perspective, one that merges the material knowledge of present-day people with the ecological knowledge of ancestral people.

You can find Arthur on Facebook and on his website