Reprogramming Your Movement - Scott Sonnon #6

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In this episode of ReWild Yourself! Podcast, I talk with Scott Sonnon, world renowned fitness trainer, founder of TACFIT, public speaker and author.

Episode breakdown:

  • Diminished complexity of physical movement means diminished capacity for imagination
  • Importance of sweating for stress relief
  • Reprogramming movement at the brain stem level
  • Being more athletic does not make you more fit for daily life
  • Getting back to mobility basics for truly advanced fitness
  • When you "stand up straight," are you aligning or distorting your posture?
  • Experience high stress and maintain your fine motor skills
  • Literally shake off stress
  • Focus on the exhale
  • Scott's programs and innovative teaching techniques


Being more athletic does not make you more fit for daily life. Tweet it!
Reclaim your primal capacity for movement sophistication. Tweet it!

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Scott's Bio

Scott has become an inspiration to thousands of people by his incredible story of triumph and his passionate dedication to helping others. As a world-acclaimed public speaker and author, has taken his world-class fighting skills off the mat to the fight against the core issues behind childhood obesity and accelerated aging.

Scott's array of patented equipment — such as the Clubbell® —  have become legendary in their unique effectiveness. His Circular Strength Training® and  TACFIT® Systems can now be found in 68 countries worldwide and counting, earning Scott a place in the National Fitness Hall of Fame Museum, the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame and the Personal Trainer Hall of Fame. Scott was voted one of “The 6 Most Influential Martial Artists of the 21st Century” by Black Belt Magazine in 2010. As a dyslexic, institutionalized as a child, he became a TED Fellow speaking on the nature of multiple learning styles being misdiagnosed as learning disabilities. Scott Sonnon was named one of the 'Top 25 Fitness Trainers in the World' by Men's Fitness Magazine in 2011. He is a global staff trainer for the 2014 Nike Academy

Read Scott’s full bio here. You can find Scott at, as well as on FacebookTwitter @flowcoach and Youtube.