How to Leave an iTunes Review

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Step 1:

Go here to view ReWild Yourself! podcast in your browser, and click the blue "View in iTunes" button (see image below).

p.s. You can also easily bring up the podcast in iTunes directly by searching "rewild yourself" or "daniel vitalis" in the iTunes store.

Step 2:

Click "Launch Application" when the below pop-up comes up on your screen.

Step 3:

Once the podcast is loaded in iTunes, click the "Subscribe" button to subscribe to the podcast! Obviously, if you're already subscribed, skip this step (;

Subscribing to the podcast ensures you will never miss a show!

Step 4:

Click the "Ratings and Reviews" tab.

Step 5:

Click the "Write a Review" button to rate and leave a review.

Step 6:

Fill out the pop-up window with:

  • Your title (feel free to remain anonymous!)
  • Rating
  • And your short (or long!) review

Click the "Submit" button to post!

Thanks again (: