ReWilding is a celebration of human freedom, sovereignty, instinct, and thriving health.

Below I have compiled a collection of my top free resources to get you started on your ReWilding journey right now.


The Intrinsic Taboo

ReWild Yourself! — Dispatch 1

This magazine is dedicated to the ReWilding lifestyle, and in Dispatch 1 we lay down the foundational ReWilding education, along with strategies and tactics we can use to begin reclaiming the health and personal sovereignty that is our natural birthright.


The Philosophies of ReWilding

In this audio interview with Dr. Christopher Ryan, PhD, author of Sex at Dawn, I give you a thorough introduction to the ReWilding philosophies. 

We discuss:

  • "Flintstonizing" our ancestors
  • The Ethics of Eugenics
  • Do we live in a zoo or a factory farm?
  • The Intrinsic Taboo
  • Human domestication vs dog domestication
  • How to ReWild using the four elements
  • Cyborgs and 3D printed food

The 4 Noble Element ReWilding Series

The four Elements represent our basic life-support needs: food (Earth), fluids (Water), oxygen (Air), and sunlight (Fire). Each Element is a crucial component of the holism of the ReWilding strategy for thriving health and personal development. 

Below is a series of interviews I did with Extreme Health Radio where I go in depth on some of my top ReWilding strategies for each of the four Elements.

Part 1 | Earth | Strategies for Understanding and Improving Digestion

Part 2 | Water | Strategies for Gathering, Storing and Drinking the Best Water Ever


Part 3 | Air | Tips for Cleaning the Air You Live in and Why It's Critical for Your Health 

Part 4 | Fire | How to Manage Your Exposure to All Forms of Light to Dramatically Impact Your Health