The Well-F**ked Woman - Kim Anami #57

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Kim Anami is back on the show for a juicy conversation on what it means to be a Well-F**ked Woman. Kim is a holistic sex + relationship expert, as well as a vaginal weight lifter (see her incredible #thingsiliftwithmyvagina series on Instagram). What I love about Kim is that her work goes deeply into breaking down sexual barriers and getting people to truly open, both sexually and emotionally.

Here's an excerpt from one of Kim's posts:

When you do the work, the deep, internal work of breaking down your own self-imposed barriers, you’ll find a whole other universe on the other side. 
The world, just like an open and trusting vagina, opens up to you and nourishes you.
And that’s where the gold is: the deepest love, the best orgasms and the feeling that all is right in the universe and yourself. 
When you dare to open and stay open. 

In this interview, we traverse orgasms, keeping the sexual simmer going, why you shouldn’t lie in your relationship and so much more!

Warning: This show definitely vibrates the air in taboo ways (; Be mindful of who is around when you press play!

Episode Breakdown:

  • Not politically correct
  • Symptoms of an under-f**ked woman
  • How to get a woman to reach orgasm
  • The lie of a lie
  • Ongoing sexual simmer
  • The many different orgasms of women
  • Cure for hysteria
  • Sexual magnetism
  • Kim’s Well-F**ked Woman Salon
  • Taboos of deep throating and anal

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Kim Anami is a sex and relationship coach, writer and speaker. Her musings on love, life and sex have graced the pages of Playboy, Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire and national radio and talk shows with audiences up to 7 million. 

Throughout the year, Kim runs a series of online courses, which she calls “salons” on sex and relationships, including: Vaginal Kung Fu, How to Be a Well-F**ked Woman, Coming Together for Couples and Sexual Mastery for Men. Her website also contains a host of free videos to get you started! 

Explore her Orgasmic Enlightenment intimacy retreats and e-courses on all things intimate and sexual at: