The Modern-Day Sweat Lodge - Clearlight #97

Sweating has always been an integral part of being human. Indigenous groups, like those in North America, used the sweat lodge used a sweat lodge, and today, many of us use saunas for this purpose. In this episode, you’ll learn the benefits of regular sauna use in my conversation with the leaders in the infrared sauna industry, Dr. Raleigh Duncan and Andy Kaps of Clearlight Saunas.

When you’re using a sauna regularly, the health benefits are clear, and these benefits are also backed by extensive studies and research. The folks from Clearlight are here to share this fascinating research, as well as the details on their premier line of infrared, low EMF/ELF saunas. Tune in to learn why you should consider making regular sauna use a part of your overall health strategy!

Episode Breakdown:

  • How Raleigh and Andy got started in the sauna industry
  • The incredible cardiovascular benefits of sauna use
  • Detoxifying your body through regular sauna use
  • Infrared saunas vs sweat lodges
  • Electricity use of an infrared sauna
  • Daniel’s experience with one of Clearlight’s competitors
  • Why we need to pay attention to ELFs and EMFs
  • Circuit requirements for a Clearlight in-home sauna
  • Common feedback from Clearlight's customers
  • Relaxing the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Clearlight sauna breakdown
  • Clearlight's company culture
  • What to expect when you order a sauna
  • Andy's & Raleigh’s prognoses for the future of the human species

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Meet Raleigh and Andy

Dr. Raleigh Duncan
Founder / CEO of Sauna Works Inc.

Dr. Raleigh Duncan is a Chiropractor who recognized the health benefits of infrared saunas early on when he was using them with excellent results with his patients. In 1996, he decided to dedicate his efforts in designing, manufacturing and distributing infrared saunas, as a way to help people heal and live healthier lives.  Dr. Duncan is recognized as an early pioneer in the infrared sauna industry and has numerous patents and patents pending for his unique sauna technologies.  Prior to becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Duncan spent 20 years as a manufacturing consultant, advising on manufacturing techniques and equipment for industry.  He's actively involved in the day to day operations of Sauna Works and Clearlight Saunas and is always discovering better ways to heal the human body through the power of infrared.

Andy Kaps 
President / COO of Clearlight Saunas

Andy Kaps spent the last twenty five years implementing and building management systems, networking and Internet systems to streamline businesses. He was a principal in a successful Bay Area telecom/internet company that he later sold. Andy is well versed in web design, SEO, system processes, marketing and team management. Andy joined the team in 2004 and has helped develop the new technologies used in Clearlight Saunas.  Andy holds a BA from Tulane University.