The Final Episode - Daniel Vitalis #178

Episode 178 Header.jpg

The final episode of our podcast season is here! Tune in for a big show announcement and my thoughts on how I’ve changed and grown from recording 175+ podcast episodes with our amazing and inspiring guests.

I’m truly grateful for your support and listenership, and I wish each and every one of you a blessed Solstice and fulfilling New Year!


  • A big show announcement
  • Shout out to our sponsors who have made this show possible
  • Reminiscing on 175+ episodes of ReWild Yourself Podcast
  • Upcoming winter break
  • How ReWild Yourself Podcast has impacted me
  • How my thoughts have changed on relationships and marriage
  • Hunting and gathering in the Anthropocene Epoch
  • How to get started with hunting and gathering
  • Setting intentions for the New Year

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