Your Core Erotic Blueprint - Jaiya #37

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On today's podcast, award winning sexologist Jaiya joins us to explain what she calls your Core Erotic Blueprint, which refers to "the fundamental way that one is erotically wired and reveals the best paths for their sexual arousal." Learning your personal Core Erotic Blueprint can transform your sex life, and Jaiya explains how! I found our conversation incredibly valuable, and I have a feeling you will also!

She offers some amazing gifts to our community that I highly recommend you take advantage of! Links in the show notes below!

Episode Breakdown:

  • How Jaiya came to study sexuality
  • Spirituality and sexuality
  • What is part of natural, healthy sexuality
  • Jaiya’s experience with different mating styles
  • How Jaiya defines sex
  • Jaiya explains her Erotic Blueprint
  • Polarity dynamics
  • The Kinky Blueprint
  • The Shapeshifter
  • How to learn your Erotic Blueprint
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Meet Jaiya

Jaiya is an award winning sexologist, best selling author of four books and filmmaker. She has been featured on Good Morning America, Nightline and The Doctors and spoken on stages around the world with leading mentors such as Tony Robbins. Jaiya has helped thousands of men, women and couples get the sex lives they desire. 

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