Finding Your Primal Posture - Esther Gokhale #55

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“Stand up straight!” — one of the more common phrases heard during childhood. But what exactly does it mean to “stand up straight”? And is it causing more harm than good? Esther Gokhale thinks so and has dedicated her life’s work to researching indigenous postures and helping people incorporate an aligned, primal posture into their daily lives. In this episode, she goes over some common postural pathologies and gives us actionable tips to correct these and find our own primal posture. Esther walks me, step-by-step, through correctly aligning my spine — follow along with us! 

We talk a great deal about natural movement on this show (see episodes with Erwan Le Corre, Ido Portal and Scott Sonnon), and posture is the foundational piece of the movement puzzle, folks! 

Episode Breakdown:

  • Esther’s story
  • Postures across different cultures
  • Common postural pathologies: the tucked pelvis & the J-shaped spine
  • Esther walks Daniel through postural corrections - follow along!
  • "Think hunter-gatherer" with your gaze
  • What is the correct way to lift heavy objects?
  • Gokhale Method teacher training
  • The future of natural movement and ancestral health

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From Illustrations of the human spine from anatomy books published in I) 1990 and II) 1911 

From Illustrations of the human spine from anatomy books published in I) 1990 and II) 1911 


Meet Esther

Esther Gokhale is the creator and founder of The Gokhale Method, an ecosystem of posture education, products, and community to help people recover a pain-free life. After experiencing crippling back pain during her first pregnancy and unsuccessful back surgery, Gokhale began her lifelong crusade to vanquish back pain. Her studies at the Aplomb Institute in Paris and years of research in non-industrial cultures led her to develop the Gokhale Method®. Her method has been featured in many publications including The New York Times where she was given the title, “The Posture Guru of Silicon Valley” and recently, NPR.