Erotic Blueprint, What's Your Type? - Jaiya #116

Award-winning somatic sexologist Jaiya returns to ReWild Yourself podcast to go deeper into her Erotic Blueprint framework. She has distilled 20 years of the study of attraction, arousal and satisfaction into a framework that helps you discover your personal map of arousal and how you achieve orgasmic states.

Jaiya is on a heart-driven mission to unleash a new era of sexual acceptance. In this interview, she reveals what’s possible if we overcome the obstacles standing in the way of exceptional sexual health and pleasure. We get into switching between your feminine and masculine, personal explorations into kink and its healing potential, orgasmic birth and more. Most importantly, she shares how learning your personal Erotic Blueprint type gives you tools to express your desires and create a fulfilling sex life and lasting intimacy in your relationship (with yourself or with a partner).

Episode Breakdown:

  • Daniel shares and answers your questions on:
    • Early access to a Surthrival sale for podcast listeners
    • Gratitude for your support
    • A message to our Christian listeners
    • Purifying tap water strategies
    • Thoughts on hypervitaminosis
    • Our biological gender roles and the nuclear family unit
  • Jaiya’s mission
  • A new era of sexual acceptance
  • Who is the sexually empowered woman?
  • Switching between your feminine and masculine
  • Sex doesn’t end...
  • Multiple sexuality states
  • A breakdown of the 5 Erotic Blueprint types
  • Exploring kink and healing potential
  • Obstacles to sexual health and pleasure + how to turn these into pathways to extraordinary sexual health and pleasure
  • How Jaiya’s sessions work
  • True acceptance of Erotic Blueprints
  • Orgasmic birth
  • Jaiya’s Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough course
  • Endless routes to pleasure
  • Jaiya’s prognosis for the future of the human species
  • Becoming an erotic detective

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Take this quiz to discover your Erotic Blueprint Type! Once completed, you'll get access to Jaiya's 4-part video series to go deeper into how to use the blueprints to create fulfilling and lasting intimacy in your relationship.

Meet Jaiya

Jaiya is an internationally recognized, award-winning sexologist, author of Red Hot Touch, and the founder of New World Sex Education; a company dedicated to using “real” sex education to help men and women get the sex lives they desire. Jaiya’s mission is to help others unleash erotic ecstasy and to shift the cultural view of sexuality from being something that is bad, wrong or shameful to something seen as healthy, and worth cultivating and celebrating.

You may have seen Jaiya on Ricki Lake, The Doctors, Good Morning America, Nightline, The Anderson Show, The Tyra Banks Show, TLC, CNN or Playboy TV. She’s even shared the stage with self-help guru Tony Robbins. Jaiya is a unique mix of Dr. Ruth, Lady Gaga and a Yogi; through her dynamic teachings she’s helping women and men reach their full erotic potential.