Dispatch 7 Reflections - Daniel Vitalis #26

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In this stream-of-consciousness rant, I break down the main skills we need to learn to be fit for the 3 main environments: wild, urban and virtual.

Episode Breakdown:

  • Fit for what?
  • Being fit for the 3 main environments: wild, urban and virtual
  • The Glyph explained
  • Earth | Food Foraging
  • Water | Water Gathering
  • Air | Shelter Building
  • Fire | Fire Starting
  • Human Self Defense
  • First Aid
  • Awareness

Fitness is the ability to survive in and to replicate in a given environment. Tweet it!

We want to be supremely adapted to all three main environments: wild, urban and virtual. Tweet it!

Awareness of what’s happening around you is one of the greatest tools you have to protect yourself in any environment. Tweet it!

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