Coitus Recapitulated - Daniel Vitalis #74

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After countless ReWild Yourself! podcast episodes on human sexuality, I wanted to summarize my feelings on the topic for you. Tune in for a wrap up of each sexuality-themed episode and my concluding thoughts on what biologically adaptive human sexuality looks like!

Episode Breakdown:

  • Good Karma is the new Black Friday
  • How Dave Asprey inspired a new home purchase
  • A recent run-in with Lyme disease
  • Sexuality Podcast Review:
    • Freeing Ourselves from Shame with Christopher Ryan, PhD
    • The Anatomy of Arousal with Sheri Winston
    • Consciously Confronting Sexual Taboos with Kim Anami
    • The Hidden Trauma of Circumcision with Ronald Goldman, PhD
    • Your Core Erotic Blueprint with Jaiya
    • Cultivating Polarity in Your Relationships with Michaela Boehm
    • Marriage: The Way We Never Were with Stephanie Coontz
    • Mars, Venus, and Gender Intelligence with John Gray
    • How to Make a Daniel Vitalis with Neil Strauss
  • What does biologically adaptive human sexuality look like? 

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