Within my ReWild Yourself! Magazine Dispatches, you are likely to find an education like none you have ever received.  It has taken me nearly two decades to uncover the information that informs the articles contained within — and it all started with a simple question: "What is the healthiest way for us to live?"


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First Dispatch: Spring Equinox - The Intrinsic Taboo
March 20 - 2014

This magazine is dedicated to the ReWilding lifestyle, which is — in its essence — a celebration of our natural selves. To access that natural self takes courage and some education, because our history — and the meaning of the last several thousand years of our existence — has been shrouded in taboo, misinformation, miseducation, and indoctrination. I present this information with the intent of empowering you to find more freedom than you may have access to now, and encouraging you to take steps towards shedding the many layers of external suppression and internal repression that have accumulated on and around your authentic self over the course of your lifetime — and even before you were born.

In Dispatch 1 we will be laying down the foundational education necessary to identify the nature of our predicament, and in the following Dispatches we will be going into greater detail on what can be done; how to address our situation, and what strategies and tactics we can use to begin reclaiming the health and personal sovereignty that is our natural birthright.

Second Dispatch: Beltane - Let Food Be Thy Medicine
May 5 - 2014

In this Dispatch, the focus is on food. If I have done my job, there will be many small “ah-ha” moments that arise as you make your way from the cover to the concluding comments. 

This month our regular columnists provide significant insights, from Arthur Haines' exposition on wild phyto-nutrition and selecting near-wild farmed produce, to Frank Giglio’s body-balancing bone broth recipe — which will likely be a staple of many ReWilder's diets for decades to come. Wild Woman — Ali Schueler — Speaks, addressing optimizing our emotional eating patterns, and our guest Morgan Maher explores some of the nebulous ethics of animals-as-food. 

Prepare to be edified by this Dispatch's incredible interviews with Nora Gedgaudas on becoming a feral ninja warrior, Samuel Thayer on a life of foraging wild plants, and Arthur Haines on detecting fad diets!

All of these are punctuated by articles — which will make the most sense when read in the sequence that they appear — that help to fill in the blanks, addressing things our parents, teachers, and culture never told us about the food we eat.


Third Dispatch: Summer Solstice - Primal Movement
June 21 - 2014

Dispatch 3 is built around the concept of Primal Movement, and was written to inspire you to begin moving in new ways, or to keep you adapting and sophisticating the movement sessions you're already doing. Movement is life, and all the evidence now points to the power of diet combined with exercise to create robust health and longevity. Of course we are exploring here the modern application of primal movement and these strategies are intended to be coupled with the diet and lifestyle concepts we have shared in this, and in past Dispatches. As always, ReWild Yourself! focuses on the modern application of indigenous and ancestral strategies for transcending the limitations imposed on our bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits by modern industrial and technological living.

We have compiled a world class assortment of articles, videos, and interviews on the topic of wild movement!


Fifth Dispatch: Autumnal Equinox - Awakening Sexual Intelligence
September 22 - 2014

This Dispatch of ReWild Yourself! focuses on sex and sexuality in the context of the pursuit of a more natural lifestyle. Sex is, of course, one of the most taboo-yet-over-discussed topics in our lives, and culturally we at once immerse ourselves in its waters, and yet at the same time avoid ever really swimming into its depths. We are sexually stimulated at every turn by sexual imagery and yet are constantly socially policed by others if we express too much for their comfort. We are expected to be both sexual masters and memorable lovers, and yet at the same time expected not to practice too much, lest we look lecherous, lustful, licentious, libidinous, lubricious, lascivious, or any other "L" words that allude to the "excesses of pleasure". 


DECEMBER 21 - 2014

It is Winter Solstice, and with it, we turn our focus towards the care and maintenance of human life. Each Dispatch of ReWild Yourself! looks at a different aspect of a feral lifestyle and mindset, and fearlessly examines just how damaging and taboo-ridden the domesticated life-way can be. Make no mistake however, a life in nature is no utopia, rather it presents its own set of challenges and perilous dangers. Despite the fact that today, moderns work far more hours per week and enjoy much less leisure time than ancestral hunter gatherers, survival can never be far from the wild mind. We come from a world where life must be guarded and protected, where there are countless things which can quickly take it away — from accidents and injuries to infection and predation. In nature, life feeds on life, and when an organism weakens, is injured, or is under duress, it quickly attracts the attention of many hungry creatures, from microbiota to apex predators. Let us not forget that there are animals in our natural habitat that would swiftly carry us away in the night. 

Fourth Dispatch: Lammas - The Operant Condition
August 7 - 2014

The focus of this Dispatch is the psychology of our domestication, and how through programming, habit, routine, and addiction we are often unable to fully grasp the nature of our mental and physical enslavement. I am reminded of the oft referenced "Stockholm Syndrome" (or more accurately "Capture Bonding") where a hostage or victim of a kidnapping will sometimes come to identify with his or her captors, and at times even begin to defend or even protect them. Similarly, we have been convinced that the way we are living is something we enjoy, prefer, and for some, would have chosen for ourselves if we had ever been given the choice between this and a life lived in nature. We are taught to pity those who — in reality — have more freedom and health than us (foraging peoples), and to see them as backward and in need of rescue from their plight.  We, the programmed narrative goes, are the most advanced and privileged humans who have ever walked on earth. 


NOVEMBER 7 - 2014

This Dispatch of ReWild Yourself! is about a chemical death, a method of dying without really dying. It is about the shamanic death, the simulated death. It is about crossing over and returning with knowledge of something more than the layer of reality most of us live our entire lives engrossed and embedded within. Since the earliest days of human experience we have consumed medicines from our environment that alter our consciousness and enhance our sensory input and cognitive processing abilities. They make explicit and laid plain the concept of animism, the natural — even universal — human religion, as, under the influence of such medicines, all things are seen and felt to pulse with the same omnipresent lifeforce. This is not an intellectual process, but a visceral, immersive, "I saw it with my own eyes" experience. It is difficult, once initiated, to be convinced otherwise.



Welcome to the 8th, and final Dispatch of ReWild Yourself! Magazine. I set out one year ago to bring this project into existence, and here I am again, wizened by one more trip around the sun, but back in the same alignment with it, as when I began. What started as a project to educate and entertain the reader turned into an unexpected journey deep into myself and back out into the world. I have felt honored – truly – to have embarked on such a quest, and to have been able to see it to its conclusion. Thank you for all your support, for your readership, for reminding me that there are others who value the exploration of such existential topics as these.

This Dispatch may contain content that you have spent a lifetime avoiding, but take heart, it is not without hope. In fact, I think you will find that there is a liberation that comes with accepting these simple truths. One can’t know how disempowering running from a thing can be until one stops running.