ReWilding is — in its essence — a celebration of our natural selves.

It is about living a life aligned with our biology and experiencing the sheer pleasure of fulfilling our biological drives. Daniel Vitalis is leading the modern ReWilding movement by reconnecting individuals with their intrinsic wild and sovereign nature, inspiring them to rise to the heights of their boundless potential, and empowering them with ancient and modern strategies for vigorous living. He has spent the past twenty years avidly researching how modern humans can approximate the hunter gatherer life-way for greater health and personal development. His philosophy has helped thousands of people to rediscover their inner physician, their inner teacher, and that part of themselves that is free and independent to think, to feel, to perceive and to lead.  


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Here you will find articles, interviews, and multi-media presentations that inspire you to look at things from a fresh — yet never “new” (remember it's ReWild, a 200,000 year old approach!) — perspective, all designed to awaken that wild sovereignty of old.

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