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Conscious Sexuality and Relationship Conference

Please join me for the FREE Online Conscious Sexuality and Relationship Conference this May hosted by Marc David and Emily Rosen, and sponsored by the Institute for Conscious Sexuality and Relationship! The Conscious Sexuality and Relationship Conference features 40+ experts who’ll share innovative ideas and daring insights in these fascinating realms. You’ll experience an approach that honors all of who we are as sexual and relational beings — body, mind, heart and soul — which is why I’m so excited to be one of the featured experts in this unique online event May 12-16th 2014.

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This is going to be the largest online conference of its kind, ever! Get ready to be inspired by speakers from a variety of disciplines who each have something unique and innovative to share.


Some topics include:

· Cutting edge research on sex, biology and the brain

· A deeper understanding of Tantra

· Evolutionary Psychology looks at relationship and sexuality

· Communication styles

· New visions in relationship and sex

· Mindful Loving

· Ancient wisdom teachings

· The psychology of men, sex and relationship

· The psychology of women, sex and relationship

· Modern insights from clinical sex therapy

· The sacred art and science of sexual healing

· Understanding sexual trauma

· New tools for navigating relationship challenges

· The future of love and relationship

· And lots more!

The field of human sexuality and relationship is wildly diverse and often difficult to navigate. It’s time to discover an approach that dives deeper in an honest, engaging and uplifting way. It’s time to discover our truest sexual and relationship potentials.

Dates: May 12-16, 2014

Price: FREE

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