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A Food Revolution, One Acorn At A Time!

Would you like to be a part of the wild food renaissance?

Join Daniel Vitalis and Chef Frank Giglio as they share their tried and true methods for harvesting, processing and creating delicious, innovative recipes to get you started eating acorns at home! Lighten your dependency on the food system, develop food sovereignty sourced from your local ecology and enrich your diet with a nutritious, wild staple food that’s easily incorporated into your kitchen. Acorn is one of the most accessible and valuable wild foods in our ecosystem— an ideal harvest for the entry level wild food enthusiast and the experienced forager alike. Add this ancestral knowledge and practice to your wild food skill-set and enjoy this nourishing dietary staple in your holiday and winter meals this season.





How to Eat an Acorn is a two-week virtual course designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills to harvest acorns — arguably one of the most versatile and accessible wild foods available anywhere — right off your local landscape. You’ll learn how to process them into food and create simple but incredible dishes easily at home. We’ll tackle the myths surrounding this ancestral process and share the personal experiences that have evolved and honed our technique — what works, what doesn’t and the common acorn harvesting/processing issues to watch out for. All along you’ll enjoy the support and camaraderie of a community of like-minded rewilders, learning alongside you in our online forum!







Throughout this two-week virtual course, we’ll be sharing instructional PDFs and videos to equip you with a lifetime of free wild food. At the end of each week, hang out with Daniel and Frank on live video where you can ask questions and see acorn processing and cooking live in action! Utilize the course forum to connect with your classmates, ask questions, and discuss the course material. We’ll share our favorite acorn harvesting and processing tools, as well as additional reading materials for those wanting a deeper dive into the ancestral background, science, and lore of eating acorns. When we wrap up our two weeks together, you’ll receive a downloadable file containing all course materials (PDFs, video, and resources) so you can keep them on hand for review whenever you need a refresher!







How to Eat an Acorn begins on Monday, November 27th and runs through Friday, December 8th, for a total of two weeks.










How to Eat an Acorn is for anyone interested in adding this nutritious and easily-attained wild food to their diet! The harvest and processing of acorns is fun and accessible for your whole family and is suitable for wild food enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels. It’s an exciting project to do by yourself, with your partner, kids, or a community of friends!

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Meet daniel vitalis

Daniel Vitalis is the host of the ReWild Yourself Podcast and founder of and He’s a writer, public speaker, entrepreneur, and lifestyle pioneer in the sphere of human health, personal development, and strategic living. He’s especially interested in the meeting place of ancestral health and lifestyle design. He hunts and gathers in western Maine. Read his full bio here.








Meet Chef Frank Giglio

Frank Giglio is a classically trained chef who runs Three Lily Provisions, a Maine based catering and small batch product company. Frank and his family live and homestead off-grid in midcoast Maine, where he utilizes the Maine landscape to merge both wild and farmed ingredients to create a rich and dynamic cuisine. He was the featured chef in the 2014 NY York Times best selling cookbook, Clean Eats.


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Get out on your local landscape and participate in the age-old practice of harvesting acorns for food! We’ll guide you through:

  • Our preferred acorn harvesting gear
  • Methods for efficient harvesting
  • What to look for in an edible acorn
  • Common acorn problems and how to spot them in the field
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You've gathered a robust haul of acorns….now what!? Learn our honed methods of sorting, drying and processing acorns:

  • How Frank and Daniel sort and dry harvested acorns
  • Cracking and shelling methods
  • How to hot and cold leach acorns
  • Milling or blending acorns into flour
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Chef Frank and Daniel share their favorite ways to incorporate acorns into delicious and nutritious meals:

  • Acorn Crusted Pollock with Polenta + Ramp Oil
  • Pan Fried Squirrel w/ Frank’s Sriracha 
  • Acorn Polenta
  • Savory Acorn Seasoning 
  • Acorn “French Toast” Scramble
  • Acorn-Apple Crisp
  • Acorn + Squash Croquettes
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With the aim of stocking your pantry with enough acorns to last until next year's crop, we'll share how to properly store your acorn harvest.

  • Our favorite acorn storage equipment
  • Preventing mold and spoilage
  • Minimizing the footprint/floor space your stored acorns take up
  • Making acorns last a full year and beyond

Daniel and Frank DISCUSS HOW TO EAT AN ACORN on the ReWild Yourself Podcast below:




Our two-week field to table acorn course includes:

  • An instructional PDF guide outlining the historical context, harvesting, processing, eating and storage of acorns — and everything in between!
  • Videos demonstrating acorn harvesting, processing and recipe creation
  • An audio discussion between Daniel and Frank on all things acorns
  • 2 live video Q&As with Daniel and Frank
  • Course forum to engage with classmates and ask questions
  • Acorn eating resources — our favorite acorn harvesting/processing tools, videos and further reading
  • Downloadable file of all course material (PDFs, video and resources)


Enrollment is now open.

Reserve your space now for $100.00 USD

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