Awakening Sexual Intelligence

ReWild Yourself — Dispatch 5

Fifth Dispatch: Autumnal Equinox - Awakening Sexual Intelligence
September - 2014

This Dispatch of ReWild Yourself! focuses on sex and sexuality in the context of the pursuit of a more natural lifestyle. Sex is, of course, one of the most taboo-yet-over-discussed topics in our lives, and culturally we at once immerse ourselves in its waters, and yet at the same time avoid ever really swimming into its depths. We are sexually stimulated at every turn by sexual imagery and yet are constantly socially policed by others if we express too much for their comfort. We are expected to be both sexual masters and memorable lovers, and yet at the same time expected not to practice too much, lest we look lecherous, lustful, licentious, libidinous, lubricious, lascivious, or any other "L" words that allude to the "excesses of pleasure". 

What if we step back and look at sex from a fresh, more realistic perspective. What if we ask not 'what should we do', or 'what are we supposed to do', or 'how could we do it better', but rather ask 'what is sex for' and how does it look in the context of natural H. sapiens as a species? In other words, what do we naturally do? Perhaps understanding the role of sex for social apes, and in particular ourselves, we can approach sex from a healthier place, with a more relaxed appreciation and less cognitive dissonance. 

So please join me as we explore the topic in a way that honors our zoology, and looks at the animal physiology and psychology that drives our impulses and fantasies. 

Sex, you’ll see, is probably the greatest drive we have once our basic life support needs are met, and it's true whether we live naked in the rain forest of New Guinea or a penthouse suite in Dubai. 

We are a very sexual ape.


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