The Operant Condition

ReWild Yourself — Dispatch 4

Fourth Dispatch: Lammas - The Operant Condition
August 7 - 2014

The focus of this Dispatch is the psychology of our domestication, and how through programming, habit, routine, and addiction we are often unable to fully grasp the nature of our mental and physical enslavement. I am reminded of the oft referenced "Stockholm Syndrome" (or more accurately "Capture Bonding") where a hostage or victim of a kidnapping will sometimes come to identify with his or her captors, and at times even begin to defend or even protect them. Similarly, we have been convinced that the way we are living is something we enjoy, prefer, and for some, would have chosen for ourselves if we had ever been given the choice between this and a life lived in nature. We are taught to pity those who — in reality — have more freedom and health than us (foraging peoples), and to see them as backward and in need of rescue from their plight.  We, the programmed narrative goes, are the most advanced and privileged humans who have ever walked on earth. 

Maybe "sat" on the Earth is more appropriate.

I suspect, that had we ever tasted, even for a moment, the life of natural freedom that is the wild state of our species, we too — like so many wild and free native peoples — would have strongly and even violently opposed our domestication. We were, however, born into our captivity (hospitals), educated in captivity (schools), worked in captivity (jobs), and eventually we will pass on in the same (hospitals, mortuaries, cemetaries). All the while we chase about, hopelessly, the finite resources that we ourselves produce in an economy (Greek: oikonomia; 'household management' — remember domestication means 'of the house') that pits us against one another in a viciously competitive marketplace, ensuring that we can never self-organize as is our inherent tribal nature. 

It is not my attempt to be defeatest here, but pretending it is otherwise is a kind of denial that is best left for those who believe our civilization is an improvement upon nature, that the wanton destruction of the Earth's habitat is an equitable exchange for the opportunity to watch television programming each night after a 9-5 work day in a financial system which drives them like horses pulling a cart. Ours is a Cult of Progress, and now seems to value, above all else, the manufacture of wants and the supply of the same to dopamine addicted, pharmaceutically drugged, imperialist educated, physically atrophied masses who believe themselves not only to be free, but to represent the supreme height of human achievement.

I take a different view, and the following articles, videos, and interviews will elucidate the nature of the "Invisible Fence" that surrounds us — a fence in both our physical world, and one that has been built in our minds. Reading these articles in the sequence they are presented will provide you the reader the most effective delivery of the following information, as each article builds upon the one to come before it.

Thank you for being willing — even if only for a moment — to see this as I do, for being courageous enough to consider what is written, and for taking the time to see your world in a new, different, and unconventional way. First we must identify the fence before we can climb over it. To deny it simply means we will remain ensnared eternally, bah bah bahing about freedom, whilst we shamble about in chains.

May your mind be forever wild and free!

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ReWild Yourself! Podcast

The interviews herein are powerful, and may dramatically impact your consciousness, from Arthur Haines discussing the impacts of the English Language upon our view of nature, to Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova sharing her work on the way our traumatic birth experiences shape our psychology. From Stephen Harrod Buhner's discussion of how our education impacts our ability to perceive reality, to Daniella Martin's research on the most valuable free food resource we poison and trample under foot.


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with Daniella Martin — author of Edible: An Adventure Into the World of Eating Insects and the Last Great Hope to Save the Planet and the host of Girl Meets Bug, the insect cooking/travel show.


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Regular ReWild Yourself! Contributors

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