Primal Movement

ReWild Yourself — Dispatch 3

Third Dispatch: Summer Solstice - Primal Movement
June 21 - 2014

Dispatch 3 is built around the concept of Primal Movement, and was written to inspire you to begin moving in new ways, or to keep you adapting and sophisticating the movement sessions you're already doing. Movement is life, and all the evidence now points to the power of diet combined with exercise to create robust health and longevity. Of course we are exploring here the modern application of primal movement and these strategies are intended to be coupled with the diet and lifestyle concepts we have shared in this, and in past Dispatches. As always, ReWild Yourself! focuses on the modern application of indigenous and ancestral strategies for transcending the limitations imposed on our bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits by modern industrial and technological living.

We have compiled a world class assortment of articles, videos, and interviews on the topic of wild movement!

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Sneak Peek:

Articles and video by Daniel Vitalis

Fundamentally Different, or Mentally Deferring Our Fun
Everything You Do Is Training
You Are What You Wear
Obstacle Course Movements — ReAdaptive Conditioning/Training (ReACT)
Wild Child
The Art of Cooking June Bugs
Climbing Trees
ElixirCraft Mastery: Raspberry Colostrum Ice Cream
ReACT: ReAdaptive Conditioning/Training
ReWild Your Workspace
Bare It All — Your Feet That Is!
The Chicken and the Egg
20 Tips for ReWilding Your Movement!
Your Neo-Aborginal Challenge


ReWild Yourself! Podcast interviews with the holy trinity of movers:


Reprogamming Your Movement

with Scott Sonnon — the creator of TacFit and developer of the Clubbell



The Movement Diet

with Ido Portal — the voice of Movement Culture.



Our Biological Call of Duty

with Erwan Le Corre — the founder of MovNat.



These three men have been instrumental in motivating me to explore my movement potential, and I think they can, and will, do the same for you!

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 11.10.42 AM.png

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Regular ReWild Yourself! Contributors

Keep it Feminine While Kicking Ass: How to Train the Wild Woman Way

with Alexandra Schueler of Wild Woman Speaks



The Gym is not Wild

with Arthur Haines of the Delta Institute of Natural History

Arthur and I continue our podcast series, this time discussing the Transition from Semi-nomadism to Sedentism.




Grow Beard, Carry Water

with Frank Giglio of Three Lily Farm

Bonus: Chef Franky G's Training Elixirs


Voice of the Tribe: ReWild Yourself! Guest Column

In this dispatch, my sister (yes, my actual biological sister) is the contributing author for our "Voice of the Tribe" column. She will be sharing about movement during pregnancy, so be sure not to miss her article "The Still Birth Paradox"!


In a world of soundbites, memes, and 30 second videos, this magazine represents a deep and rich edutainement experience, so feel free to skip around, and when you can, take some focus-time to let this information roll over and through you. Allow it to seep into your mind, into your heart, and into your cells. Let it reawaken something within you. 

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