First Dispatch: Spring Equinox - The Intrinsic Taboo
March 20 - 2014

Within this edition you are likely to find an education like none you have ever received. It has taken me nearly two decades to uncover the information that informs the articles contained within — and it all started with a simple question; "what is the healthiest way for us to live?" 

This magazine is dedicated to the ReWilding lifestyle, which is — in its essence — a celebration of our natural selves. To access that natural self takes courage and some education, because our history — and the meaning of the last several thousand years of our existence — has been shrouded in taboo, misinformation, miseducation, and indoctrination. I present this information with the intent of empowering you to find more freedom than you may have access to now, and encouraging you to take steps towards shedding the many layers of external suppression and internal repression that have accumulated on and around your authentic self over the course of your lifetime — and even before you were born.

In Dispatch 1 we will be laying down the foundational education necessary to identify the nature of our predicament, and in the following Dispatches we will be going into greater detail on what can be done; how to address our situation, and what strategies and tactics we can use to begin reclaiming the health and personal sovereignty that is our natural birthright.

Thank you for reading, and may the contents of this Dispatch bring you closer to your wild, authentic self!

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Sneak Peek:

Articles and video by Daniel Vitalis

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Regular ReWild Yourself! Contributors


The Truth About Women’s Wildness

with Alexandra Schueler of Wild Woman Speaks


Domestication and the Concurrent Loss of Responsibility

with Arthur Haines of Delta Institute of Natural History

Arthur and I begin our podcast series; this time discussing the NeoAborginal Revolution.


Spring Scallops & Mussels in a Flavorful Broth

with Frank Giglio of Three Lily Farm

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