I have to admit, I love to sweat!

Ever since I was a teenager, and I tried my first dry-sauna, I was hooked. I would go to the local YMCA and use theirs almost daily. There was something about that dry heat, the relaxation, and the sweat. I didn’t understand the science then, but it didn’t matter… I could feel how good it was for me.

People were always coming and going, leaving the door open, letting the heat out, stinking it up with their synthetic cologne and perfume! I used to imagine having one right in my home! Now I do, and it was surprisingly inexpensive and easy to install. Basically, what I am saying is, you could have one too!

I’ve owned a few different saunas over the years, and have tried out many more. What I can say confidently is that when it comes to home-unit infrared saunas, there is no one I trust like Clearlight!


First, it arrives directly to your door, and the set up is — for a sauna — a breeze. I do recommend that you have two people and you review the instructions first, however! It arrives as essentially 6 pieces: a floor, roof, and 4 walls. A few snaps and clicks, and it's together!

The fit and finish is gorgeous. Mine is in their cedar offering, which I highly recommend. The smell both inside — and just in the room after it has been on — is incredible and just rings of tradition and authenticity.

The control panel is really simple; just set the heat and the time, and you are ready to go.

They also include an auxiliary plug and bluetooth so you can use your mobile devices to stream music, audiobooks, podcasts, or whatever else you want to include with your session. Your audio sounds great through these premium Phillips speakers.

Another fun feature that Clearlight makes standard is the chromotherapy. There are LED lights in the ceiling that you can set to any color of the rainbow. This allows you to take advantage of the healing potential of color therapy.

The wall sconces provide standard white light too, though I find myself mostly preferring the darkness when I sweat.

Clearlight’s most distinguished feature is, of course, its infrared lamps, which produce the least electromagnetic energy (unhealthy EMF and ELF) than any on the market! This is one of the reasons I prefer Clearlight to any other sauna on the market! The low EMF and ELF allows you to rest easy, relax deeply, and allow your body to fully open its detoxification pathways. MMMMmmmm.

Infrared sauna helps to:

-remove toxins from our tissues
-reduce our stress and fatigue
-improve our skin health
-ease joint pain and stiffness
-improve our immune systems
-increase our metabolic rate, help us burn more calories
-assist with healthy weight loss

Listen to my interview with Clearlight to learn more about the benefits of infrared sauna use below:

Purchasing a Clearlight Sauna

If you would love to have a Clearlight sauna in your home, I have a special offer for you! Because of our great relationship, Clearlight has offered our community $450 off your order, free shipping anywhere in the contiguous United States, and a free backrest when you use the coupon code REWILD at check out! Go here to check them out online, or give them a call at 800.317.5070.

This is my second Clearlight sauna, and I can definitely put my name behind them! If you want to know more check them out here , and don’t hesitate to reach out to them with your questions!

Wishing you a great sweat!