Spring Liver Detox Drink

For me, mornings are a sacred time, and it's the part of the day that I set aside for self-care. While I know that it's not a luxury that everyone has created for themselves (yet at least!), I set aside 2-3 hours each morning to simply take care of myself before I start working. During that time I create my beverages, do my physical training, use my sauna, meditate, stretch, bathe, and do whatever else I have on my self-care agenda for that day. I prefer not to do the same thing for too long, but rather cycle things every few weeks or sometimes every few months. 

Check out this video of my current morning drink that is not only a great replacement for stimulants like coffee, but is also a powerful detoxifier!


Dandelion Root

Burdock Root

Yellow Dock Root

Omica Organics Liquid Stevia

Vanilla Bean Powder

To find Raw Grass Fed Butter: www.eatwild.com

Coconut Oil

For Ultimate Enjoyment:

SurThrival Holdster

Cuppow Lid

I would love to hear about your favorite morning drink — leave a comment below!

Thanks for watching!