Safeguard Your Circadian Rhythm! Eye Shielding Electronic Blue Light

If you're reading this, you're currently staring into electronic blue light, whether it be via your computer, phone or tablet. Chances are you stare at screens for multiple hours a day, maybe even late into the night. Studies show that light hitting the retina, in particular blue light, can disrupt our natural circadian rhythms by suppressing melatonin production.

“Maintaining synchronized circadian rhythms is important to health and well-being,” says Dieter Kunz, director of the Sleep Research and Clinical Chronobiology Research Group at Charité–Universitätsmedizin Berlin. “A growing body of evidence suggests that a desynchronization of circadian rhythms may play a role in various tumoral diseases, diabetes, obesity, and depression.”

I have to admit that I'm guilty of working on my machine until the wee hours of the night on occasion, so I had to find a solution to safeguard my circadian rhythm. Watch the video above to see what I've been experimenting with lately...and to learn why you can find me wearing sunglasses in my house in the evenings (and during the day too)!

Now I'd like to hear from you! Try out blue light blocking glasses or an app like f.lux and report back. Did you notice less eye strain? Did it help improve your quality of sleep? Let us know in the comments below!