Summer Refresh Raspberry Colostrum Ice Cream

Photo by Ali Schueler

Photo by Ali Schueler


In this ElixirCraft Mastery video, I give you my secret recipe for a delicious raspberry and colostrum ice cream with powerful ingredients you can feel good about!



10-16 oz Frozen Raspberries (well frozen!)

3 heaping tbsp SurThrival Colostrum Powder

2-3 tbsp SurThrival Ghee (or coconut oil or cacao oil)

1 pinch Vanilla Bean Powder (optional)

5 squirts Omica Stevia (or maple syrup, honey, etc.)

1 pinch SurThrival Schizandra Berry Powder

Just enough Water to blend

A sprinkle of Cacao Nibs to top (optional)

Blend together in high speed blender. 

And enjoy!

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