Probiotic Roundtable

Join me for an expert roundtable discussion all about probiotics

"...I just want to press upon everybody that you’re a part of this and how you 
live matters. It’s important that you live not just for yourself, but for your species because we are in this together.

...It’s like that Gandhi quote: if we want to make change outside, we have to make it within ourselves. And what we are learning around health is that when we want to make changes within ourselves, we make them to our biome, not just to our mind, not just what we feed ourselves, but literally to the community that makes us up. So I think it’s important to know that we are the farmers for these organisms, and they are the famers for us. That we are in a symbiotic relationship, and it’s important that we live with that awareness. Not just for us, but for all of us."

The conversation features myself and these three probiotic experts:

  • Andrea Nakayama — host — is a Functional Nutritionist and founder of Replenish PDX and Holistic Nutrition Lab, where healthcare practitioners and awakened individuals learn how to effectively care for others and take full ownership over their own health.
  • Dr. Jason Hawrelak is a naturopathic physician and Western herbalist with over 15 years of experience in natural medicine dispensaries, clinic and acute care settings. Jason did both his Honours and PhD degrees in the area of intestinal dysbiosis and the clinical applications of pre- and probiotics. 
  • Summer Bock teaches people how to rebuild their gut and feel better than they ever have before. She is a trained herbalist with a background in microbiology. She studied with some of the best nutritional teachers in the world at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City.

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