Mastering the Flat-Footed Squat

I have been advocating the flat-footed squat for some time. Awhile back, I posted a video demonstrating the anatomically natural resting posture for Homo sapiens. In the post, I challenged you to try out the flat-footed squat daily for 10 days and report back with the benefits. It's been over a year now, and so many of you continue to share with me how this practice has benefitted your health. In the above video, I show you how you can take your flat-footed squat one step further to truly master the posture.


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My Challenge to You:

Practice the above technique daily for the next two weeks, and report back! Did you notice any benefits? 

If you have yet to try the flat-footed squat, then my challenge to you is to simply practice getting yourself into that posture daily for the next two weeks. Be sure to watch my original flat-footed squat video for some tips and tricks. Let me know how it goes for you!