How Taboos Control Your Life | The Model Health Show

Check out my interview with Shawn Stevenson over at The Model Health Show!

We discuss:

  • Why being optimistic isn’t necessarily natural for humans.
  • What is the Intrinsic Taboo?
  • How many “wild human” tribes are left in the world (and what advantages they have over us).
  • How cavities in teeth are related to osteoporosis.
  • What Dr. Weston A. Price discovered about the dental health of indigenous peoples.
  • Why our cravings for sugar are natural.
  • How the clothes you wear affect the health of your teeth (crazy, but true!)
  • Why artificial light is damaging our sleep cycles.
  • What some of our programmed fears about being naked are.
  • How guilt and shame have been so heavily connected to sex.
  • What “mating strategies” can be observed in humans.
  • What mate guarding is and why we have a relationship tension within us.
  • How the media uses sex to stimulate the strongest drive in us.

Click here to listen to this interview!