Heal Yourself with Heat Using an Infrared Sauna

In Dispatch 7 of ReWild Yourself! magazine, I break down the different 'worlds' to which we moderns must adapt: the Wild, the Urban and the Virtual.

There is another layer as well, a kind of overlay — and that is the layer of toxicity and pollution that has been draped over our wild and urban landscapes. This presents a further adaptation that is necessary for those humans who will pass on their genetic memory most successfully in the generations to come. We must become masterful in mitigating the toxicity which we all labor under. Those who can adapt to this overlay will fair far better over the long term. Doing so requires a kind of accelerated or amplified hormetic effect, as well as specific strategies for radical detoxification.

Using an infrared sauna is an integral part of my detoxification strategy. Watch the video below to learn about the benefits of using an infrared sauna!