fragilis award: The Hands-Free Baby Bottle

And the fragilis award goes to... The Podee Hands-Free Baby Bottle! "Sorry kid, mom has social networking to do. Here's your bottle filled with microwaved, tap water infused Similac formula." Hey, at least it's BPA-free, right?

In all seriousness, this is quite sad and is a perfect example of how our society raises children from birth to be accustomed to having their needs neglected and to dissociate easily.

Every New Moon, we will be awarding a fragilis award to our favorite person, product, procedure, etc. that represents the deepest depths of domestication!


I propose a re-designation of ourselves from the currently accepted H. sapiens sapiens to the newHomo sapiens domesticofragilis — meaning wise, fragile, domesticated man. Of course, at first glance this appears tongue-in-cheek, as if I were simply making a sarcastic quip. However, closer examination of the data indicates that when compared against still intact foraging peoples, we moderns are quite fragile indeed. Be it the lack of physical robustness — a distinctly reduced ability to tolerate temperature extremes for example — or simply our tendency towards early degeneration — the diseases of civilization, i.e. diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc. — modern humans are undeniably far more delicate than our ancestors. While some might argue that domesticogracilis would be more fitting, again I would assert that it is fragility that characterizes us, as gracility implies a kind of gracefulness that is not indicative of most "moderns".

There were so many entries for the fragilis award — it was difficult to choose just one! Keep 'em coming, and we'll choose another winner next New Moon! Leave your nominations in the comments below or in the ReWild Yourself! Facebook group.